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An arrest in the Worcester area for even a relatively minor charge can result in jail, fines, criminal records, and even a suspended drivers license. Hedges & Tumposky LLP are committed to providing you with legal services that are most beneficial to your OWI case. Our team of OWI lawyers ready to examine and help execute your case with the goal of a satisfactory outcome.

Our defense lawyers in Hedges & Tumposky LLP are prepared to aggressively protect your rights. Our many years of experience and our record of success allow us to protect your rights and offer you confidence no matter how formidable your opponent may be. Contact us now at (617) 722-8220 for the protection only skilled lawyers can provide.

When you need a compassionate, aggressive, and determined attorney, who can produce results, look no further than Hedges & Tumposky LLP. Hedges & Tumposky LLP have a reputation that stands for reading into every detail of each OWI case, offering proper representation and a fair chance at justice. No matter the specific criminal allegations, trust Hedges & Tumposky LLP.

Do not let the stress of a OWI case put a burden on your life. Let Hedges & Tumposky LLP represent your OWI case. Each lawyer presented by Hedges & Tumposky LLP have the expertise in constructing personalized strategies and assistance throughout the duration every OWI case. Call (617) 722-8220 to schedule a free consultation to discuss the details of your OWI case.

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