Appeals & Post-Conviction

Appeals and Post Conviction Legal Representation, Boston MAWhen a trial is lost, it is devastating to the defendant and his or her family. But is important not to give up hope and to know that cases lost at trial can often be won on appeal or in a motion for new trial. In both state and federal court appeals, the defendant has an opportunity to argue legal issues that the trial judge, or his previous attorney, may have gotten wrong. In some instances, an appellate court may find that the facts themselves do not support the jury’s verdict.

It is important to hire an attorney who knows the appellate system inside and out, knows where and how to concentrate resources, and can craft polished, creative, detailed, exhaustively researched and, most importantly, winning appellate briefs. You also need an attorney experienced in art of oral appellate advocacy, as appeals can be won and lost at the argument stage as well. The Boston law firm of Hedges & Tumposky, LLP is experienced in appeals and motions for new trial, having successfully handled these matters in both state and federal court. If you or someone you know needs an attorney for an appeal or motion for new trial, call us at 617-722-8220.