Federal Court Practice

Hedges & Tomposky Offers Federal Court PracticeBy the time the Federal Government charges someone with a crime, it has already devoted tremendous resources to the initial investigation and prosecution. The proverbial “federal case” against a defendant can involve search warrants, wire taps, and thousands of pages of evidence and reports prepared by federal and local law enforcement agencies over months of investigation. Federal sentences can be severe, and the prosecution may seek not only a conviction, but also to seize a defendant’s home, vehicles, and property through forfeiture actions.

Because the federal system is entirely different from state systems, if you are charged with a federal crime you need an attorney who is deeply experienced in the federal courts, and who is well versed in the constantly evolving body of federal criminal law. It is important to work with an attorney who is not merely dabbling in federal criminal defense, but rather who has a proven record of successful results in this area.

The Boston law firm of Hedges & Tumposky, LLP has years of experience of successfully handling a wide variety of federal cases, including wire/mail fraud, international money laundering, drug conspiracies, gun possession and sale, child pornography and more. Our attorneys are familiar with the federal bench, federal prosecutors, and federal law. We have worked at all phases of the federal case to achieve optimal outcomes. If you or someone you know needs an attorney for federal criminal case call us at 617-722-8220.