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Who We Are

We are a small firm that produces big results. Our model empowers us to have a deep understanding of our practice areas and a close working relationship with everyone we represent. We believe that each case calls for a unique approach, and that effective advocacy requires teamwork and communication between the lawyer and the client at every stage of the case.

We pride ourselves on being both accomplished and energetic, both careful and creative. We are experienced in and out of the courtroom, and unlike many firms who often have no seasoned litigators and therefore settle or plea too early, we are not afraid to take both our criminal and civil cases to trial whenever this is in our client’s best interests. While always making our client’s interests primary, we also consider the broader impact of our work and do not hesitate to take cases that may be unpopular or risky if we believe them to be of social and civic import. We love what we do, and this is evident in the results we achieve.

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