Hedges & Tomposky Law Firm Client Testimonials “I was introduced to Hedges & Tumposky through a family member earlier this year and had the pleasure of working directly with Michael Tumposky and Jessica Hedges. Immediately, Michael and his team supported me 100% when I needed help the most. As I began actively working with Hedges & Tumposky, I began to notice how responsive they were to all of my many phone calls and emails.  I was always kept informed of the status of my case, and I had complete confidence that I was in the best hands. They managed to turn an extremely difficult time for me to a positive experience. My sincerest thanks to the team at Hedges & Tumposky.”

-H.T., charged with identity theft, all charges dismissed

“Thank you again, I cried with tears of joy after I deposited my check!  I appreciate the work you did; Jessica as well.  Thank you so much.”

-V.P., six figure settlement with public agency

“Atty Tumposky:

Brilliant, clever, gifted…. Regardless of outcome (and hoping for the best). What else is there to say!

Particularly fascinated by your ad hoc fallacy arguments regarding the two alleged comments and that not necessarily the same cause or individual-in other words perhaps no connection.  Furthermore eyewitness evidence or lack of – again brilliant.”

-G.W., family member of client

“Thank you for taking the time to speak with me on Tuesday…It is so reassuring to know that [ ] is in such excellent hands.  After having spoken to you, I can understand the glowing blog comments and success stories enumerated on the various websites…Thank you again for all you are doing.”

-G.R., family member of client

“Thank you for everything you’ve done for me so far, keep up the good work.  You really came thru for me when I had no one in my corner.  Just wanted you to know that everything you’re doing is greatly appreciated.”

-B.S.P., time served, rather than the statutory 20-year minimum