Child Pornography Defense

Defend Against Child Pornography ChargesBeing charged with possession or distribution of child pornography can be a daunting, humiliating experience. These allegations can invite unwanted attention from the press and public, can call for harsh sentences, and can result in significant collateral consequences such as registration as a sex offender, GPS monitoring, and difficulty finding jobs and housing. When charged with a crime such as child pornography possession or distribution, you need an aggressive child pornography defense attorney who is not deterred by the public condemnation associated with these offenses, who will relentlessly challenge the evidence in the case, and who will immediately begin working with you to mitigate the consequences of simply being accused of a crime that carries profound social stigma.

The Boston law firm of Hedges and Tumposky, LLP has the experience and the skill to advocate for the best results in your child pornography case. We often involve the use of computer forensics experts and other trained professionals, and have developed strong and valuable relationships with a team of such experts who are leaders in their fields. We will explore and challenge the vulnerabilities in the police investigation and in the prosecutor’s case, and leave no stone unturned to arrive at the best result. If you or someone you know has been charged with crime involving child pornography, call us at 617-722-8220.