Murder and Violent Crime

Murder and Violent Crime Defense Attorneys - Hedges & Tomposky Law Firm Boston, MAThe defense of murder cases and other violent crimes should never be entrusted to anyone but the most experienced and dedicated of attorneys. Whether you are charged with murder, assault and battery, domestic abuse, or another violent crime, you need a skilled attorney committed to taking every measure necessary to achieve results.

The Boston law firm of Hedges and Tumposky, LLP has experience defending serious, high profile, and complicated violent crimes. The firm will leave no stone unturned – challenging the law enforcement investigation, demanding complete discovery disclosure from the Government, developing creative and persuasive pre-trial motions, and skillfully and tirelessly litigating the case through trial or disposition.

Violent crimes often attract media attention, heaping additional stress and unwanted attention on the defendant and the defendant’s family. While it is nearly impossible to deflect media interest, our attorneys are practiced in using the press exposure to help, rather than hinder, clients’ interests. In addition, these cases often require investigators, scientific experts, and medical experts. DNA, ballistics, fingerprints, and other forms of crime scene analysis can be often a vital aspect of criminal defense in such cases. Our attorneys work with teams of well-respected experts to challenge the prosecution’s claims. If you or someone you know needs an attorney to defend charges of murder or violent crime call us at 617-722-8220.